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About Us :
Mission :
The mission of A-One Pharmacy College is purported to strive for improving the health care system throughout the world and to give access of pharmaceutical care to the sick and needy. To achieve this mission the students are being inculcated with a strong foundation of knowledge essential to the pharmacy profession. While providing highest quality instruction in pharmaceutical sciences, the faculty introduces and develops the art of critical thinking, problem solving and life long learning for posterity as would make the young pharmacists healthy to stand the test of time. The members of the faculty serve as role models, enthusing students during their professional development. Thus, the college assures to bring out dedicated, competent health care professionals to serve the community in the best possible ways.

The Institute :
It is envisaged to make the institute a center of excellence in professional education adhering to high quality standards. The institution will provide the effective linkage between professional education and industry.

About Trust :
N.M. Zala Education Trust has been established to fulfill the vision of "upliftment of the society" by providing educational opportunities right from Primary Schooling upto Professional Education.

  • A-One Xaviers English School (Eng. Medium)
  • Satyam Vidhyalaya (Guj. Medium)
  • Gita Girls School (Guj. Medium)
  • Nutan Vidhyalaya (Guj. Medium)
  • N.M.Zala & G.N.Zala Arts & Commerce College (Eng. & Guj. Medium)
  • Vivekanand Arts & Commerce College (Eng. & Guj. Medium)

Discipline :
The college firmly believes that education is incomplete without discipline, The institution is confident in making a wholesome person out of the student only by instilling in him discipline which would go to foster a high degree of righteousness in and around him. Accordingly, a disciplinary committee monitors the discipline of the institution.

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